Welcome to Pod Pedia!! Here you Can see and learn about all the Pod Racers from Star Wars, the Best Movie(s) EVER!! Enjoy. -From the Pod Pedia Crew.
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""Put a hovercam in front of any being, and they'll claim racer safety is important, but everyone knows that it's the danger, death and massive explosions that fill the seats. Safety doesn't sell. You don't see the babies from the Pouffra Circuit on the cover of Podracing Quarterly"-Tzidk Wrantojo

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This wiki was founded some incredibly long time ago, and for some reason still exists. Still interested? The Star Wars Wiki has much better articles on the characters and concepts, some of them written by your fabulous Pod Pedia Admin who forgot about this wiki until ten minutes ago.

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3:30PM April 20, 2008
We need more pictures for articles!! We especially need clear video game screenshots from Star Wars: Racer Revenge. If you can help, that would be graet!
10:44 AM- July 7, 2008
Check out the New Featured Article Widget on the side of the screen under the search box! Not only does it display the latest article, but redlinks of pages that could be created.



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